A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A new game by Weizengaming and the first one made on a GameJam.

Play a milkman (they’re extinct right now we guess) who’s just doing his job. But caused by an explosion in the genlab next to the milkfactory, cows startet to mutate and want to get the milk back from the milkman or they just want to kill you. But you’re the only milkman in the city and how the people get their milk if you can’t bring them to them? So get the fu*k up!

The more bottles you filled up and brought back to the houses the more cows will come and the more variants of cows start to evolve  (at the moment only 2).

Try to collect all empty bottles and replace them with full ones before the cows can get you!

Good Luck!

Soon will be added:

  • Highscores


MilkHunt.jar 2 MB
MilkHunt.exe 2 MB